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Philosophy & Economics 

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Join the philosophical debate!

What is special about our department is the way in which we involve students in research right from the start.

We take research-led teaching seriously, so whether you are an first semester undergraduate, in the middle of your MA, or working on your PhD thesis, all our philosophy events are open to you. We organize a host of different events throughout the year. UBT Philosophy is a place where you can actually do philosophy.

The Research Forum

This is the departmental research seminar. It takes place usually on Tuesday evenings from 18:00–20:00 during the semester. A lively mix of departmental and guest presentations from across the spectrum in philosophy and experience. A speciality of the Research Forum are the Joint Talks. Twice per semester we join forces with the Economics Colloquium to organize truly P&E seminars. ...more

Wittgenstein Lectures

A highlight of the academic year are the Wittgenstein Lectures, which take place in the summer semester. For a full week philosophy teaching stops and we listen to a leading philosopher. This year we have Prof. Debra Satz ...more

Lecture Series ”Women in Philosophy“

The aim of this lecture series is to promote the visibility of women philosophers and celebrate their contribution to the discipline. The lectures also create a friendly space for the public discussion of gender inequality. ...more

International Conferences and Workshops

Every year we are organizing several workshops and conferences ...more

Finance & Philosophy

Together with the Department of Economics we now run a regular lecture series on Finance & Philosophy ...more

Student Research Forum

Studying P&E? Want to present your work? Then attend the Student Research Forum ...more

LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference

For the past years student and faculty of two departments meet in early May ...more


The Bayreuth Student Conference in Analytic Philosophy ...more

All welcome. Join the philosophical debate!

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