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LSE-UBT Student Philosophy Conference


The 8th LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference takes places this week on the 7th and 8th of May! Students and faculty of the London School of Economics and the Philosophy and Economics programmes get together to hold the LSE-UBT Student Philosophy Conference.

Four LSE-students and four P&E-students of the University of Bayreuth will present their papers.
Moreover, two keynote lectures will be given by Dr. Patricia Rich (UBT) and Dr. Laurenz Hudetz (LSE).

All are welcome to attend the talks!

Find more information about the program here.
For more information about the LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference, click here: https://www.phil.uni-bayreuth.de/en/events/student_organized/lse_bt/index.html

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