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PPE Bayreuth-Prague Double Degree: one curriculum, two degrees


P&E in Bayreuth is proudly partnering with Charles University (Prague) in order to create the *Bayreuth-Prague PPE double degree programme*.

The degree allows students to study at both universities and to obtain two degrees (Prague PPE and Bayreuth P&E) within the regular study time of the BA (6 semester) and MA programme (4 semester) respectively. The PPE Program at Charles University offers many courses in political science and allows students to comprehend how political interests, ideologies, and international institutions shape our world.
Prof. Julian Fink (Professor at the Philosophy Department, Uni Bayreuth), who was the main organizer of the program in Bayreuth, explains, that the program is “an innovative and exclusive chance for any P&E student who wants to expand P&E in the direction of understanding politics, government, international institutions and relations. The Bayreuth-Prague double degree offers a unique possibility to study PPE in two different environments and to expand your academic, social and cultural experience beyond Bayreuth.”

Students can apply for the PPE Double Degree until September 30 (BA deadline) or April 30 (MA deadline).

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