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​New Ways for P&E News


Dear P&E Community,

After having weighed options for many months now, and having received numerous feedback from you the P&E community, we are very happy to announce some substantial changes in the way P&E will manage its social media presence and content.

From now on the main source of information for P&E-related news and content will be the newly-created news page of the P&E bachelor website!

Our P&E Facebook and Instagram pages will stay active, but from now on they will only relay the information that is appearing on the news website. This way no one will be required to subscribe or use any of these platforms in order to access the latest P&E content, but those who wish to stay informed, and interact with us through them will be able to continue to do so. In order to broaden the options, we have furthermore created an official P&E Twitter account, which like FB and IG will be relaying short summaries and links to the relevant news items. You can find the twitter @philosophyecon1 (Philosophy&Economics).

P&E has been on social media since 2017, and in the meanwhile we have learned a lot about what can and cannot be achieved through Facebook and Instagram. We think that these changes in the way we channel the P&E information will allow us to focus on the news items that matter most for the P&E community, while at the same time providing us a better platform for public outreach.

All the best, and looking forward to more exiting news,

The P&E Social Media Team

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