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Prof. Lena Kästner: Team Introduction


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Be it autonomous vehicles, buying recommendations, face recognition or language assistants, artificial intelligent systems (AI systems) are pervading our modern lives – and they are here to stay. But how can we understand such AI systems? And how can we employ them safely and fairly in our everyday lives and global societies?

These are some of the questions that the newly established chair for Philosophy, Computer Science and AI tackles. With an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in computer science, neuroscience, cognitive science and philosophy, the chair brings new topics for teaching and research to our department. They will be offering regular classes on AI, machine explainability, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and experimental methods. They will also be organizing scientific events relating to AI in society.

For recent activities please refer to the department website, Prof. Kästner’s personal website (www.lenakaestner.com) or the website of the project “Explainable Intelligent Systems (EIS)” (www.eis.science).

The Team (left to right):
Sonja Weber (Administration)
Barney Crook (PhD candidate)
Lena Kästner (Professor)
Leon Weiser (Student Assistant)
Timo Speith (PostDoc)
Roberta Cubisino (PhD candidate)
Astrid Schomäcker (PostDoc, currently on maternity leave)

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