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Third Keynote of the Summer School

joe halpern

The third keynote address of the Philosophy & Computer Science Summer School will be held by Prof. Dr. Joseph Halpern from Cornell University. Prof. Halpern is one of the most prominent computer scientists of the last 25 years. He has worked extensively at the intersection of computer science, philosophy, game theory, and social choice theory. He is the recipient of the Godel Prize and the Dijkstra Prize for his work on applying reasoning on knowledge to analyzing multi-agent systems. He is the co-author of three highly influential books, six patents, and over 300 papers.
At the summer school he will be talking about "A Causal Analysis of Harm."
The keynotes are open to the public, so all are welcome! For more information, feel free to visit the website: https://explainable-intelligent.systems/summer-school/

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