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Transcoloniality and Conceptions of Positive and Transformational Justice

From Wednesday, November 22nd, to Friday, November 24th, the event "Transcoloniality and Conceptions of Positive and Transformational Justice" will take place. It will be hosted by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schüßler (University of Bayreuth) and Prof. Dr. Joseph Agbakoba (University of Nigeria). The event is free of charge, participation is possible without registration.
Contact person is Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schüßler.

For a more detailed schedule of the event, please follow us on Instagram @philosophyeconomics

For more information about the co-organizer Prof. Agbakoba and Georg Forster Research Awardee of the Humboldt Foundation: https://ubtaktuell.uni-bayreuth.de/Interview-with-Professor-Joseph-Agbakoba

Everyone is welcome at the event!
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